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Colorful Books


Are you aware that your freedom to read is under threat?


Book banning has become a concerning trend in our country, and sadly, it has begun to infiltrate our community here in Laramie County. Some members of the Laramie County School Board are trying to ban books, driven by their fear of new ideas. They’ve been elected to protect and expand education, but by promoting book banning, they are attempting to restrict and undermine the education of the next generation of Wyomingites.


But here in Wyoming, we believe it is our fundamental right to access information, learn about diverse perspectives, and express our creativity. 


Here's why you should stand against attempts to ban books in Laramie County:


  • Book banning limits the freedom of authors, artists, and thinkers to express their ideas and perspectives. It stifles creativity and suppresses voices that challenge the status quo.


  • Book censorship can lead to a narrow-minded society, devoid of critical thinking and open dialogue.


  • Books offer a window into different cultures, experiences, and viewpoints. Banning books denies readers the opportunity to explore diverse perspectives and understand the world from various angles.


  • The ability to access information freely is crucial for intellectual growth and development. Book banning undermines this freedom, hindering the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.


  • Upholding the freedom to read is essential for safeguarding other liberties. When we allow censorship to thrive, we pave the way for further erosion of our rights and freedoms.


Together, let's raise our voices and protect the freedom to read for ourselves and future generations.


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