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Wyomingites want government as close to the people as possible and value local control. 

That's why nothing matters more than local elections, and voting all the way down your ballot.

In the last school board elections, undervoting (voters skipping a section of their ballots) ensured victory for candidates who wanted to ban books in Laramie County Schools.
This election, we need everyone who cares about the freedom to read to vote for candidates who will not infringe on that freedom and encourage others to do the same!

248,000 eligible voters in Wyoming DO NOT VOTE
are you one of them?

Maybe you're a Republican who doesn't vote because you think your candidates will win no matter what, maybe you're a Democrat who doesn't vote because you think your candidates will lose no matter what. Maybe you're tired of politics in general or think your vote does not matter.

Wyoming elections can be decided by extremely small margins. Particularly with local elections for offices like the school board. Your vote may not change the race at the top of the ballot, but for the local races at the bottom, your vote is CRITICAL to electing quality candidates who actually represent Wyoming values, not national culture war nonsense.

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