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Wyoming doesn't need out of state organizations with political agendas telling us how to do things.

More Wyoming Communities Coming Soon.  Tell us what's happening where you live.

WYFAF began in Laramie County, but we have heard from neighbors across the state experiencing similar efforts to restrict the right to read and vilify educators and librarians.  We hope for WYFAF to be a source of connections and resources for lovers of books and defenders of the right to read freely across the state.

Currently, we are also busy defending the right to read freely in Laramie County, where the LCSD1 Board of Trustees is attempting to change book policy and restrict access to books an out of state political organization has deemed offensive.  If you live in Laramie County, we urge you to get involved.

Visit the Laramie County Take Action Page Here

If you live elsewhere in Wyoming, please let us know what you are experiencing and how we can help support your efforts to defend the First Amendment and the Freedom to Read Freely.

Click Here to Email Us

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