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Wyoming doesn't need out of state organizations with

political agendas

telling us how to do things.


Comment on Proposed LCSD#1 Policy Changes Before May 23

The LCSD#1 Board of Trustees will soon vote on changes to the District Library Procurement Policy. This change prohibits procurement of any book that could contain sexually explicit content according to the vague and unconstitutional standards they implemented in the last policy change.


See the full list of books currently on the so called "naughty list", you'll find award winning fiction, non-fiction and even resource books. Books like these will be fully banned in the future because this policy prohibits their procurement.

77% of High School parents and 67% of Jr. High Parents believe free people read freely and choose "open access to library materials" for their children. By banning procurement of books a tiny fraction of the community dislikes, this change is a full and total ban of relevant books addressing sexual health, consent, assault and other issues young people need to understand.


This policy ignores the parental rights of every family that trusts professional librarians to curate age appropriate materials for our diverse student body. If parents want to ban books for their own kids, they already have (and have ALWAYS had) the tools to do so.


This policy is not about protecting kids, its about silencing voices, banning books, vilifying teachers, and harming public education.Tell The LCSD#1 Board to NOT CHANGE THE CURRENT POLICY before May 23!


Help WYFAF get the message to elected officials and those seeking office, that Wyomingites have had enough of dishonest politicians and political organizations bringing culture war nonsense to our state. In Wyoming, we want government as close to the people as possible, and will not be told what we can and cannot read by people who do not understand Wyoming values. SIGN THE PETITION NOW.


Local elections are the most important thing on the ballot yet thousands skip races for school board, commissioners and other local offices.  This year, were getting the word out we're voting local, and we're voting for candidates that will respect our Wyoming ways and not infringe on rights to read and think freely.  Can you help?  We'll need lots of volunteers all summer long. Join other freedom lovers (spoiler alert- THEY ARE THE BEST PEOPLE).  Join us!

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