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Clarification Regarding WYFAF and Our Name Change

We appreciate the opportunity to address recent allegations concerning the Wyoming Family Alliance for Freedom (WYFAF) and our organization's name change. We want to provide a clear perspective on the circumstances surrounding this decision and emphasize our commitment to faithfully serving the diverse families of Wyoming.

Initially, our organization was known as “Wyoming Families for Freedom." This name was used to describe our group in news and media stories across the state and region. However, when it came time to register the name with the state and IRS, we discovered that it had already been claimed by a Douglas C. Cone. Mr. Cone happens to be the spouse of the Director of Operations for Wyoming Family Alliance, Gena Konrad-Cone.

With our original name no longer available, we rebranded as Wyoming Family Alliance for Freedom (WYFAF). This change was made after careful consideration and the desire to maintain a connection to our initial identity while accurately reflecting our purpose. After hearing from so many families from every corner of the state, we recognized that we were truly forming an alliance of families of all shapes and sizes to stand up to the out of state political forces that have co-opted the discussion about Wyoming and what Freedom means in this great state.

We would like to emphasize that no single entity can fully encapsulate the diversity and richness of Wyoming families. Our state is not a monolith. Our aim has always been to represent and support families of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and beliefs. Wyoming is a tapestry of various perspectives and lifestyles, and we cherish the fact that our state is home to a multitude of unique families.

As the Wyoming Family Alliance for Freedom, we are proud to stand as a platform that seeks to advocate for the values of personal freedom and limited government overreach that matter to all Wyoming families. Our dedication remains unwavering in ensuring that the Freedoms we hold sacred - the freedom to read what you want, the freedom to pray (or not pray) the way you want, the freedom to pursue your happiness how you want - are protected and preserved for all to enjoy in The Equality State.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we continue to serve the beautiful and diverse families of our great state.


Wyoming Family Alliance For Freedom

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