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Actually Appreciating Educators

Supporting educators does not mean vilifying them for political points

Educators deserve respect. These dedicated professionals do so much for students, families and our communities. But these days, educators are under constant attack from political groups and dishonest elected officials calling them groomers, pedophiles and Inciting rage with misinformation.

Its no wonder so many are leaving the profession, and our district is struggling to hire enough staff.

Wyoming Family Alliance for Freedom was formed to support educators and to fight efforts to ban and restrict books in our school district. We know the majority of Wyomingites support educators and the freedom to read freely.

Every May, we celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. Maybe you pack little treats for your students' teachers, support your school PTO as they spoil teachers, or have your kids make them cards of gratitude. Whatever you do- show the educators in your life how much they mean to you.

This morning a post appeared across local social media. Moms For Liberty wanted to appreciate teachers with free coffees. A nice gesture- sure! But from a political group

who has wasted years of our local school board's time claiming teachers are groomers and demanding books be removed from schools- it wasn't exactly well recieved.

The negative response was swift and predictable. The business they partnered with didn't really know much about Moms For Liberty and has since removed the post on social media. Now we all know- Appreciating teachers should never include the misinformation and hateful rhetoric groups like Moms for Liberty are known for.

As the dust settles, lets bring the conversation back to actually appreciating our educators- and yes- they need coffee drinks! So lets make sure they don't have to pay for coffee for the rest of the school year when they visit the Paramount Cafe. Donate what you can- buy one cup of coffee or one hundred!

Lets show our educators that this community supports and appreciates everything they do for us!

And if you'd like to support the educators in our community- sign our petition. We'll use it to tell elected officials that vilifying educators, banning and restricting books, and harming public education is not what this Wyoming Community believes in.

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