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The current policy allows parents/guardians full control of what books their student has access to. If a parent/guardian wishes to censor the materials their student reads, they have al the tools they need to do so without infringing on the rights of other students.

LCSD#1 has gone to great lengths to make this tool accessible, including it as a section of the online registration every family completed in the spring of 2023.  Of the 14,000 students in the district, the parents/guardians of a few dozen students chose to "opt-out" of certain books.

We support those families wishes to utilize this tool, but assert that this small number demonstrates clearly- the current system works very well to address the needs of a very small group of people that want to restrict access to books.


At the February 6 Board Work Session, Trustees who campaigned on anti-book rhetoric originating from out of state organizations with political agendas, requested the school district "define sexually explicit" and draft a policy change that would require the parents/guardians of 14,000 to "OPT-IN" to books they find questionable. 

You can watch that meeting on YOUTUBE HERE

In the months that followed, LCSD#1 staff have spent considerable time and resources (On the taxpayer's dime) attempting to follow the Trustees' Directive.

This policy, if approved would likely lead to costly lawsuits against the district. It would also force Librarians to segregate books, and would further discourage educators from staying in or joining the profession- during a time of unprecedented shortages of educators.

We anticipate the new policy will be presented at the Board Meeting on JUNE 5, 6:00 pm.  We encourage everyone who loves books and the First Amendment.

Learn more at our TAKE ACTION PAGE

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