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Banned Book Review: Slaughterhouse-Five

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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Wyoming Family Alliance for Freedom believes in parental control without government overreach. Banning or complicating access to books is not a Wyoming value. Its time for Wyomingites who value liberty to stand up to those who would infringe on the rights of others in pursuit of their own political ideology.

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People who advocate for the removal or restriction of a book have rarely read it, relying instead on out-of-context excerpts feed to them from out-of-state groups with political motives to vilify educators and harm public education.

We encourage you to read this review from one of your neighbors, and read the book in question yourself. We believe you will find, as our professional librarians have already established- that the book has merit and value when taken as a whole.





By Kurt Vonnegut

Reviewed by Reverend Elizabeth Mount, Cheyenne, WY

Slaughterhouse Five is a favorite book of mine because of its treatment of war and the reality and tragedy of the fractured lives of so many soldiers following World War Two. While Billy Pilgrim “came unstuck in time,” in this book in a fantastical sense, the sensation of becoming untethered from reality and having a hard time staying in the present following trauma is one that’s familiar to many people who have PTSD from active duty I the military or from other forms of traumatic encounters from being the victim of a violent crime to growing up in a home where abuse or physical violence was observed or experienced. This science fiction novel offers a look at that experience through the lens of a time traveling person with a dry, sarcastic wit and the perspective of a life fully and multiply lived.


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